مشروع الاستثمار في مزارع الجوز

Earn up to 20.6% average for the 1st 10 years and up to 38.4% ANNUAL INCOME after the year10th. 9,25 USD for per sqm // 30% Down Payment, 24 Months 0% Interest Full Title Deed Ownership

Land Definition

Planted golden chandler walnut farmland. 35 (±3) trees each 1000 m² and 350 trees each 10.000m²

Title Deeds Status

Investors will own freehold title deed under their name.

موقع الأرض

تركيا – أزمير / مانيسا

موقع المشروع على خريطة غوغل

تعريف الاستثمار

On this specific property, Management Company will run a walnut farmland business on behalf of the land owner.Our sale price includes: laboratory tests for water and soil, cleaning of the land from wild trees grasses and rocks, land plowing, water irrigation system, water storage, fertilizer system, water drilling, electricity grid connection, fences surrounding the project, plantation of two years old golden chandler trees, upgrade of title deed, and all operation costs till the first harvest.

We have a very professional and dedicated team of engineers, consultants and general labour power working for Invest4Land. We don’t charge any management fees till the 1st harvest period and after all costs will be covered from the income, so our investors never have to deal with management and operational costs from their pockets.

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Earn up to 15.5% average for the 1st 10 years and up to 28.6% ANNUAL INCOME after the year 10th.

    How The System Works?

    Investor buys Walnut Farmland Projects with freehold (%100 ownership) title deeds

    Invest4Land constructs high quality infrastructure and plants 2 years old Golden Chandler type of trees

    Invest4Land manages the entire process with the most professional and dedicated team

    Invest4Land sells the harvest at the highest price and generates high income for the investors

    Key Benefits Of Invest4land

    • Most Foreigner-Friendly investment
    • Full Title Deed Ownership (%100 Freehold)
    • High Income (Up to 20.6% average for the 1st 10 years)
    • Every Year Your Income Grows as your tree grows till its maturity
    • After year 10, investment Return Can Reach Over 38.4% annually
    • Easy Payment Options (30% Down payment, 24 months installment)
    • Hassle-Free Investments Invest4Land does all the process from A-Z
    • Highest Productivity and Quality
    • Easy and highly Profitable Exit strategy
    • Tax Incentive Advantages for the walnut farmland landowners
    • Farmland Management System

    Investment Analysis